Hiring process in the Uzavto Motors Powertrain is carried out on a competitive basis and depends on the specifics of the position for which they submit their resume.

Hiring process consists of the following stages:

Pre-selection of applications and resumes.

At the first stage, all candidates who want to be part of our Company should send CV directly to the employees of the HR Department or via the website. The most promising and relevant candidates are selected and then invited to the next stage.


After the resumes have been selected, the responsible employee of the HR Department conducts a telephone interview to receive additional information about the candidates. Candidates who have passed the telephone interview are invited to the evaluation center.

Assessment center.

The evaluation center is one of the most important methods of comprehensive personnel assessment, based on the use of methods aimed at evaluating the professional and personal qualities of employees.

Key competence assessment methods used at this stage:

  • Technical assessment: testing, individual exercise, group exercises.
  • Behavioral skills assessment: online testing.

Candidates who have demonstrated high results that meet the corporate requirements and the requirements of the position are invited to the last stage to get a job – the final interview.


The purpose of this stage is to get detailed information about the candidate and provide an opportunity for the applicant to learn more about the job responsibilities of the vacant position, about the corporate culture of the organization and about their future team.

The Company makes a medical check and  job offer to candidates who have successfully passed all the selection stages.