Recognition and reward

The process of recognition and reward is the most important incentive mechanism for employees, which is based on material and non-material motivation.

The Company has successfully integrated and adapted the processes of remuneration of employees according to the KPI system, where each employee involved in the process of setting and evaluating labor results, tasks performed and, as a result, contributes to the achievement of the Company's goals. At the same time, great attention is paid to the corporate culture of the Company - we are committed, guided by the principles of honesty and fairness, to take responsible approach to business, work as one team, create innovations and look ahead. The current system of remuneration, compensation and benefits allows to achieve high results and competitiveness in the labor market.

One of the best practices for implementing new ideas that lead to the improvement and optimization of processes and working conditions is the Kaizen program. Successful implementation of innovative ideas helps to reduce 7 types of wastes, as well as motivate employees by rewarding the improvements.

To ensure convenience and comfort in a moving employees to work and home, the Company provides corporate transport, as well as a buffet and a canteen on the territory of the plant, which are provided with discounted meals.

Employee’s training and development

One of the basic values ​​of our Company is continuous improvement, which is an integral part of the development process of employees both in their professional and personal spheres. Employee training is provided through functional/technical and leadership trainings.

The format of employee trainings is diverse and includes lections, seminars, case-studies, business games etc.

One of the characteristics of professional development is the rotation of employees (which allows them to acquire knowledge and skills in various functional areas within the Company), and the mentoring process (obtaining knowledge and skills from experienced employees who help to adapt and promote professional and personal growth).

In the past year 2019-2020 were trainings held on the development of hard skills and soft skills

  • Course “Difficult dialogue” (USA)
  • Course “Emotional intellegence” (Russia)
  • Training on “Public performance skills” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “Communication, leadership, teamwork” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “Team building” (Uzbekistan)
  • Course “7 skills of highly effective people” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “Analytical thinking”
  • Course on “ACCA DipIFR” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “Siemens equipment” (Russia)
  • Course on “Maintenance and repair of high pressure Hammelmann pumps” (Germany)
  • Course on “Hegenscheidt PMS-system” (Germany)
  • Training on “Q-Stat and Q-DAS basics” (USA)
  • Course on «Uzbek, Russian and English languages” (Uzbekistan)
  • Course “Internal auditor training” (Uzbekistan)
  • Course “HR specialist” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “Public procurement” under the training center of the Ministry of Finance (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “ISO 14001” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “ISO 9001” (Uzbekistan)
  • Training on “ISO 5001” (Uzbekistan)



Over the last year, more than 60 training were held for office and production personnel.